Aircon systems are useful for regulating indoor temperature by using the phase conversion principle - when liquid changes state to gas, it absorbs energy. Aircon systems take advantage of this physical law by making refrigerants condense and evaporate repeatedly in a closed system. A typical AC system consists of two parts. The indoor unit includes an evaporator, cold coil, expansion valve, and fan to blow cool air into the room. The outdoor unit has a condenser, compressor, and a fan to blow heated air from the refrigerant to the outdoors.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how an aircon system cools a room:

Evaporator Coil Absorbs The Heat- the aircon system sucks in warm air from the inside of your home and blows it over the cold evaporator coil. This coil is located within the indoor unit and it absorbs heat from the warm air. The fan of the indoor unit blows the cold air back into the interior of your home through air ducts. The liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat, and it boils into a gaseous state. The gas travels along the system into the compressor in the outdoor unit. 

Compressor Increases The Refrigerant Pressure- the compressor squeezes the refrigerant gas tightly between two moving solid objects. This increases the temperature and pressure of the gas, so it will condense more easily later.

Condenser Removes The Heat From Refrigerant- when it flows out from the compressor and reaches the condenser, the refrigerant gas is at a superheated state. The condenser exposes the gas to the outdoor air to lower its temperature. The refrigerant gas quickly changes state into a cold liquid. The fan of outdoor unit blows away the excess heat. 

Process Repeats- once the refrigerant turns cold and liquid, it will be transferred back to the indoor unit. The liquid refrigerant returns to the evaporator coil and absorbs the heat to further to cool the room down. The indoor unit has a built-in sensor to measure the temperature. If it matches the temperature of the thermostat, the air conditioning will shut off briefly. As the temperature creeps up, the aircon unit will start operating again.

     Your aircon system will reach maximum efficiency and performance level if you maintain it properly. Air filter should be changed regularly, and you need to check the refrigerant level. A build-up of dirt and dust will make the air conditioning work harder to reach the desired temperature. This makes the air conditioning less efficient and it becomes more prone to malfunction.

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