Mastercool 53100-C Refrigeration HVAC UV Leak Locator Injector Kit

MastercoolSKU: 53100-C



Leading the way in UV LEAK DETECTION, Mastercool offers a variety of compact UV Leak Locator Kits. Each kit offers a powerful inspection lamp, a Refillable or Cartridge Type Dye Injector and accessories.

All kits are packaged in a custom molded carrying case.

53100-C: Compact UV Leak Locator Kit includes:

  • High Intensity Swivel Head Light (12 V/100 WATT) (53012)
  • Cartridge Type Universal Dye Injector (53123)
  • Replaceable 2 oz Dye Cartridge (25 Applications)
  • 4 oz Dye Remover
  • 25 Service Information Labels
  • UV Enhancing Safety Glasses.

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