71600-A Mastercool Refrigeration 7 Head Hydra Swage Imperial Tube Expander Kit

MastercoolSKU: 71600-A



Fabricates and expands copper, aluminum and soft steel tubing using hydraulic power.

(7 HEAD KIT) consists of expander heads 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 1/8", Hydra-Swage 71601, Small Adapter and Inner-Outer Reamer. (Patent No. 6,619,099)

71601-D:Adapter for 71601
71685:Inner - Outer Reamer
71600-PB:Molded Box for 71600, 71600-M ; 71650
71600-03:Expander Head, 3/8 O.D. Tubing
71600-04:Expander Head, 1/2 O.D. Tubing
71600-05:Expander Head, 5/8 O.D. Tubing
71600-06:Expander Head, 3/4 O.D. Tubing
71600-07:Expander Head, 7/8 O.D. Tubing
71600-08:Expander Head, 1 O.D. Tubing
71600-09:Expander Head, 1 1/8 O.D. Tubing

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