89772-MB Mastercool R134a Car Air Conditioning Piston Valve Manifold Gauge Set



Mastercool is the leading manufacturer of professional quality A/C manifold gauge sets. Manifold gauge sets are constructed of the finest materials and machined with precision to the highest quality standards. At Mastercool, every manifold is built to last.

All Mastercool gauges are color coordinated for easy refrigerant recognition.

  • Free floating piston valve results in less wear and tear in comparison to market standard twisting piston valves
  • Double O-Ring allows for a much better seal resulting in fewer leaks
  • Solid extruded aluminum body
  • Extra access port for vacuum line
  • Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement
  • Gauges can be easily re-calibrated in the field to maintain accuracy
  • Extra large sight glass for visual refrigerant check
  • Large easy to grip knobs

89772-MB: R134a, R404A, R407C, R22, R507A(gauge p/n MBH-MBL) manifold gauge set comes with

3 x 180 cm hoses (red, blue and yellow)
1 x 1/4" SAE 82834-E Low side Professional  Coupler
1 x 1/4" SAE 82934-E High Side Professional Coupler


85215: O-Rings (4 pcs)
85216: Seal and Seat Assembly (2 pcs)

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