Diversitech Flush Hvac A/C Air Conditioning Flushing Fluid Solvent Kit Pf-Kit-Eu



Flush Hvac A C Air Conditioning Flushing Fluid Solvent Kit Pf A Flushing Solvent For A C And Refrigerant Systems Formulated For Refrigerant Conversions And Compressor Burnouts Compatible With All Refrigerants And Compressor Oils All Solvents In Diversi Flush Are Non Voc And Conform To Epa Snap Standards Has Low Toxicity Is Non Flammable And Residue Free The Diversi Flush Injector Is Available In A Kit With A Can Of Solvent Solvent Refills Are Available Seperately The Kit Makes Servicing Quick Easy And Safe As Well As Assuring You Get To The Job Site With All Necessary Hardware In Hand For Stop Servicing The Kit Includes Container Of Diversi Flush Slovent Refillable Diversiflush Injector Tool Pressure Tankwith A Pressure Relief Valve For Added Safety Large Rubber Adapter That Accomodates Up To Copper Pipe Diversiflsuh Line Set Adapter And A Service Hose

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