JAV-1072 Refrigeration Charging Hose Safe Seal Set 1/4" x 5/16" R410a R32 A2L

JavacSKU: JAV-1072



Javac Safe seal Charging Hoses

R410A/R32 Charging Hoses, Safe Seal, 1/4” x 5/16”, Working Pressure: 800/4000 PSI

• 72” hoses (183cm)
• Suitable for standard refrigerants
• Patented Safe Seal technology:‘One-Touch’ design allows you to screw the fitting on to the system before starting refrigerant flow, avoiding refrigerant loss and risk of ‘refrigerant burn’. Then simply turn the knob to start/stop flow. The safety swivel sleeve allows free rotational movement of the hose without the fitting coming loose being put under unnecessary strain and preventing unwanted leaks.

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