Javac Refrigerant Refrigeration Air Con Digital Vacuum Gauge Vg-64



SUPCO VG-64 Digital Vacuum Gauge

The VG-64 Digital Vacuum Gauge accuraely  reads vacuum from 12,000 microns down to 0 over a wide temperature range.

The Digital Vacuum Gauge is suitable  for field  or laboratory use. The vacuum can be displayed  in user selectable units : Microns (millitors), PSI, millibars, inches of Hg and Pascal. 

Great for Vacuum measurements during system evacuation or high precision laboratory tests.

  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Resolution to 1 micron when less than equal to 200 microns
  • Reads Vacuum in seven units: Micron, PSI, IN Hg, mbar, Pascals,Torr and Millitor
  • Hook to hang unit.
  • Cleaning port for cleaning of sensor.
  • +/- 10% accuaracy
  • Overpressure protected to 300psi

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