Mastercool AccuCharge Certified Refrigerant Digital Charging Weighing Scale



CHARGE PROGRAMMING: Allows user to program desired quantities. Before charge is complete, an alarm will sound allowing user ample time to turn off refrigerant supply
PAUSE/CHARGE: (Using the 98230 Charging Solenoid Module)
TANK CAPACITY PROGRAMMING: Allows user to know the amount of refrigerant that is left in the tank at any time
REPEAT: Allows user to charge previously stored amount

Capacity: 243 lbs (110 kg)
Accuracy: le; plusmn;0.05% of reading
Resolution: 0.05 lb/ 0.5 oz / 0.01 kg
Automatic Shut Off: 3 Hrs
Operating Temperature: 32 to 120 deg;F (0 to 49 deg;C)
Battery Life: Approximately 40 hrs
Works w/110 or 220V Transformer (part no. 99334-110 or 99334-220)
22 x 22cm (9 x 9 ) Platform

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