Mastercool R12/R134a Charging Hose Gasket O Ring Assortment Kit 91334-A




50 piece assortment of replacement gaskets, o-rings and depressors for charging hoses and adapters.

Consists of:
: 1/4″ FL Gasket (10 pcs)
42014: 1/4″ FL Depressor (5 pcs)
42016: Screw Type Depressor
90336: Gasket for 90335 (5 pcs)
82010: Black Gasket for R134a Hose (10 pcs)
83341: O-Ring for R134a Hose (5 pcs)
80034-2: Black O-Ring for High Side (5 pcs)
80132-2: Black O-Ring for Low Side (5 pcs)


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