Mastercool R134a Air Conditioning Refrigeration 63mm Brass Manifold Gauge 90cm



33636-MR Mastercool Brass 2-Way Manifold Gauge with 3x90cm hoses

1.6 Gauge class, 63mm diameter


R134a, R22, R12, R404A

Mastercool is the leading manufacturer of professional quality A/C manifold gauge sets. Our manifold gauge sets are constructed of the finest materials and machined with precision to the highest quality standards. At Mastercool, every manifold we build is built to last.

All Mastercool gauges are colour coordinated for easy refrigerant recognition.

  • Our free floating piston valve results in less wear and tear in comparison to market standard twisting piston valves
  • Double O-Ring allows for a much better seal resulting in fewer leaks

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