Product A/C Air Con Sanitiser Deodoriser Spray Ac2139

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Airco Breeze Multi Deodorising Sanitiser for Air Con Systems.

A multi-treatment spray in a Sea Breeze fragrance supplied with a long pipe to penetrate deep into the evaporator
chamber to deodorise and sanitise the whole vehicle interior.

It removes harmful bacteria and bad smells from vehicle A/Cs and cabins, leaving a pleasant long lasting ‘Sea Breeze’
aroma. Economical and easy to apply Airco Refresh Multi is the simple way to rid your customers’ air conditioned cars of ‘old socks’ or ‘dead mouse’ odour.
Its nontacky, non-foaming formula treats up to 3 cars.

Airco Breeze, when applied professionally, cleans and disinfects the evaporator chamber and air channels,
including evaporator surfaces, killing bacteria and mould in the process.

It takes only minutes to perform a lasting cleansing. Each treatment is supplied with an extension tube.

• Non-tacky, non-foaming
• Quick and easy to use
• Economical - concentrated product treats up to three vehicles per can
• Also good for domestic and commercial evaporators

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