S52421 Signet S2 Steel Flat Blade Screwdriver 6mm X 100mm

SignetSKU: S52421



Signet S52401-30 Flat Blade Screwdrivers
Hexagonal Shafts S52401: 3 X 80Mm
S52402: 3 X 100Mm
S52403: 3 X 150Mm
S52405: 3.5 X 100Mm
S52406: 4 X 100Mm
S52407: 4 X 125Mm
S52408: 4 X 150Mm
S52411: 5 X 75Mm
S52412: 5 X 100Mm
S52413: 5 X 125Mm
S52414: 5 X 150Mm
S52415: 5 X 200Mm
S52416: 5 X 250Mm
S52417: 5 X 300Mm
S52421: 6 X 100Mm
S52422: 6 X 150Mm
S52424: 6 X 200Mm
S52425: 6 X 300Mm
S52426: 8 X 150Mm
S52428: 8 X 200Mm
S52430: 10 X 200Mm

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