T414100 Trident One Man Brake Pressure Bleeder Pneumatic 1 Litre

TridentSKU: T414100



T414100 Trident One Man Brake Pressure Bleeder 400ml

Ideal For Brake Fluids Works From Air Pressure Via The Car Tyre Valve.

  • Professional Quality
  • Ideal "One Man Operation"
  • Full Instructions Supplied
  • Fill bottle with new brake fluid.     
  • Do not fill bottle over 14oz(400ml)
  • Position bottle so as to be visible from driver’s side.
  • Select proper cap size and secure plastic hose with not (do not over tighten)
  • Screw cap into master cylinder reservoir. Connect the other into bottle stem marked “Fluid.
  • Connect air hose to bottle stem marked “air
  • Insert nozzle into tyre valve and lock in position.
  • Check for leaks and make sure fluid is flowing through hose, adjust as necessary.
  • Insert hose with blue cap onto wheel cylinder bleed nipple.
  • Loosen wheel cylinder bleeder nut.
  • Pump brake pedal to start flow.
  • Observe fluid level until bottle is nearly empty (Do not allow fluid to go below 2oz (50ml))
  • Discharge fluid into a container for proper disposal

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